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Site for information and registration for the ACSAA 2015 Deep in the Heart of Texas Reunion.




Attention Fellow Former Lincoln Students

Syd Polk

Claudia Cansler Zaunbrecher, class rep for 1968 and the ACSAA Reunion 2015 Chair, here, with a status report about the big event next year.

As many of you know, Jade York Polk from the class of 1982, is the new president of the ACSAA Board of Directors.  As such, she has chosen to have our quadrennial high school reunion here in Texas, specifically in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  Because I live in the area, I volunteered to put together a team to make sure this reunion will be a wonderful experience for everyone.

So, this is the story.  Although Jade lives in Austin, a really fun town, she decided that the reunion should take place in the Dallas – Fort Worth area because it is a major airline hub, hence one of the least expensive destinations in the U.S.  From the airport, the resort is less than ten minutes away and ground transportation is under $15 per person.  If you will be traveling by car, you will appreciate that this area is more of a crossroads than other major Texas cities, being on four major interstates.  These factors will keep travel expenses as low as possible.

The venue, the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center, was chosen because it has the facilities we need to keep things as simple as possible.  All of the planned events will be on site, so no worries about arranging transportation, missing your ride, needing to leave early, etc.  And the show can go on no matter what the weather!   It is a unique and impressive hotel with a great ambiance.  More importantly, the staff is very enthusiastic about hosting this event, have shown a lot of flexibility to accommodate our needs, and have been working with us to make this event as affordable as they can.  Check out the website:

Several considerations went into choosing the 4th of July weekend.  First of all, July is the only month of the year that school is out both north and south of the equator on our side of the pond.  This will allow families and our guests from Buenos Aires to travel to the U. S. without missing school.  Secondly, the 4th of July weekend is a federal holiday weekend, thus three days long.  This means that attendees don’t need to use as many vacation days. Third, the hotel made a much better offer, price-wise, for this particular weekend, even though it is high season at this resort

At this point, allow me to address a few concerns some of you have expressed.  One – Summertime in Texas?  Really?  Well, Texas knows how to do air conditioning, let me tell you.  The main building boasts four-and-a-half acres under a glass dome and maintains the temperature at 72°F 24/7/365.  Unless you are sipping a margarita by the outdoor pool, or playing at the water park, or golfing, or sailing on Lake Grapevine, you will be cool and comfortable everywhere in the resort.  A second concern is that airline tickets tend to be higher around holiday weekends.  This is true, but if purchased far enough ahead of time, they are the same price as any other weekend.  So, save some money by making your travel plans as early as possible.

Now, we understand that some families have long-standing traditions centered on the all-American 4th-of-July weekend.   We say bring your whole family!  The kids and grandkids will love it!  Get your siblings and parents to gather here and make a vacation out of it.  This will be memorable, epic!  There will be two nights of fireworks.  Paradise Springs is an award-winning water park on the property.  “Summerfest” events keep the children engaged.  Outside of the resort itself, Grapevine, Texas is known as a tourist destination.  There are tons of things to do in the area.  Come early and stay late.  The reduced group rates will be in effect for three days before and three days after the reunion.  If you took advantage of the reduced rates for all nine days, you’d still never run out of interesting and fun things to see and do.   So, even though you have always spent Independence Day at a specific destination, make an exception this one time.  It’ll be worth it. 

We have the date and the venue nailed down.  Next, we will work on the schedule and the individual events.    The following is the anticipated schedule.  It will help you in making your travel plans.  Details will follow as we arrive at decisions and get the contracts signed.

Friday mid-day, July 3rd, 2015 – Asado at the Glass Cactus

Saturday evening, July 4th, 2015 – ACSAA Banquet, Recognition, Awards

If you are a FaceBooker, please note that there is a group page set up for keeping you updated on the Reunion 2015 plans.  It is called "ACSAA News".

I am so looking forward to seeing all of you at this event.  I truly believe you will be enjoying magnificent memories for many decades to come.

More later!

 Claudia Cansler Zaunbrecher  (Class of 1968)